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  1. Hello!

    I was looking for a contact page…I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Dana and I live in Montreal. I did the year intensive course at GIP and I make perfumes inspired by music!

    Where in Canada do you live? I would love to chat if you’ve got the time! It’s important that aspiring perfumers in Canada stick together!

    You’ve got a great blog!

    Talk soon,


    1. Hi Dana!
      What a pleasant surprise to get your message this morning. Sometimes Canada feels very large, and I am so pleased that you would reach out to say hello. I am in Edmonton and can be reached at julian@quintescential.ca. Sorry about that… I guess I should have put a contact page in the blog. 🙂

      You are so very fortunate to have been able to complete a year at GIP, I would really liked to have stayed longer as it was such a great place to learn the craft, and exciting to be surrounded by so many like-minded people. I read the interview you did for Liam on his blog Personal Odour, and I can imagine that living in Grasse for a year would have been a challenge after beautiful Montreal. (I thought that Grasse would have been more like Nice or Cannes what with all the history the town of Grasse embraces.)
      I had an opportunity to meet and say hello to Jessica Buchanan, another Canadian who lives in Grasse now and is doing fantastic work with her company 1000 Flowers. I have a bottle of her Reglisse Noire and No1 Fleur and they really are quite wonderful.

      Dana, I would be very happy to chat more through email and learn more about what you are creating. Are there any other perfumers or graduates you have connected with in Canada?

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