A small guide to Nature’s fragrances – aspects of the chemistry of the essential oils.

Good Scents Company – Search for detailed information on any aroma material.

Perfume Intelligence – A comprehensive Encyclopedia of Perfume around the world.

Australian Perfume Junkies – Award winning perfume Blog



Eden Botanicals – Excellent quality Essential Oils, Absolutes, etc.

Creating Perfume – Susan has a good selection at reasonable prices.

Perfumer Supply House – Christine has a good supply and also does a podcast.

Perfumer’s Apprentice – Linda has a good selection of Aroma Molecules, etc. and other resources.

Saffire Blue – Perfumery Alcohol and MORE in Canada.

Pell Wall Perfumes – Chris Bartlett is very knowledgeable and is willing to share his experience.

The Good Scents Company – Bill Luebke also offers a good inventory.

The Essential Oil Company – Good quality, and great selection of distilling equipment.

White Lotus Aromatics – Christopher McMahon is a wealth of information.

New Direction Aromatics – A variety of supplies, EO and ABS.




1000 Flowers – Perfumer Jessica Buchanan – Canadian in Grasse

Grasse Perfume Blog – Grasse Institute of Perfumery

Maple Vapour Fragrance – A  partnership between Grasse and Canada creating a unique fragrance in honour of Quebec.

“Chantal Roux, director of the Source Parfumée de Galimard, was passing through the Montreal area and visited the Sucrerie de la Montagne in Rigaud. She was on a journey seeking her childhood dream  an authentic Canadian experience that she could call her own.

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