The weekend is spent exploring the museums and centre of Grasse that we have yet to get to. We got into our smart car, set the transporter coordinates to city centre and …. voila!  we are there, negotiating a parking spot. There is NO WAY we could do this with just a paper map.

2013-06-21 22.48.16

A walk along the streets and we make our way to the International Perfume Museum. A wonderful collection of perfume history, but the best part was the temporary display of Paul Poiret. An amazing designer who gives the current fashion and perfume marketers a serious run for their money .. and he started it all. The bottles, costumes, fans, etc, etc were fantastic.







As we came out of the perfume museum we ran into the now famous statue of the perfumer.

2013-06-22 01.38.092013-06-22 01.38.36


We have a bite to eat. I have one of the most amazing meals… a full small roll of Camembert cheese, nestled in a bed of salad and cut meat,  hot and melted still in its little wood round container, with fried potatoes on top. incroyable.. Pountine in the extreme!!!

We wander the streets….

2013-06-22 01.41.592013-06-22 01.41.18

2013-06-21 22.48.24



Here are some pictures of the Perfume Museum.

2013-06-22 00.56.01  2013-06-22 01.16.09


2013-06-22 00.55.34  2013-06-22 01.13.05 2013-06-22 01.14.47   2013-06-22 00.25.292013-06-22 01.20.072013-06-22 01.15.34 2013-06-22 01.22.31

Next we head down to Fragonard, one of the major perfumers in Grasse (and a pretty fine painter in his time), to go through the factory and of course….. the gift shop.


2013-06-22 03.07.56 2013-06-22 03.08.09 2013-06-22 03.13.43

NEW SCHOOL PERFUMERS “ORGAN” 2013-06-22 03.20.00

2013-06-22 03.23.33

Perfume vials in the disguise of a cigarette pack. 1920?

2013-06-22 03.49.36





The SUPER moon over Grasse.

2013-06-22 21.48.57



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