Day 7 – Synthetics and accords

The morning is spent exploring more of the synthetic materials used in perfumery and the afternoon is spent creating three perfume accords; the beginnings or building blocks of a complete perfume formula. We build spicy, aromatic and floral accords. We are beginning to see the shape of a basic perfume.

We start with a quick test Ald C14 (Peach), PEA, Evernyl, Hydroxy Citronellal and onto Anisic Aldehyde.  We then continue the the day with molecule identification as in previous days. From AMBRETTOLIDE to HEDIONE, ALDEHYDE C11 (undecylenique) to FLORALOZONE we cover many of the important molecules through out the day. It was fun to experience CHOCOVAN the  speciality from Quest… think Nesquick powder chocolate. yum!

We break for a quick lunch in the garden and then get back to work.

The afternoon is spent on the formulation and understanding of Floral, Aromatic and Spicy accords.

We complete the day with a comparison of  Hexylcinnamic Aldehyde and Hedione and Hydroxy Citronella, Floralozone and Calone, cis -3 – hexenyl acetate and cis-3- hexanyl salicylate, Clove oil and Eugenol, Coumarin and heliotropine.

and……before we exit out the door, a couple more introductions to some special molecules VELTOL or ETHYL MALTOL used in Theiry Vasser Diamonds & Miss Dior’s Cherie.

….and the wonderful woody, pine, fresh ambery of CASHMERAN .

What a great day!!!

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