Day 8 – Synthetics and Unisex Base

A morning test!

identify on the smelling strips HEDIONE,  SANDALORE, HYROXAL CITRONELLAL, Aldehyde C14, LINALOOL, Cis-3- Hexenyl SALICYLATE, HELIOTROPIN, Vetiveryl Acetate, Citral, Anethol. I do pretty well getting most of them correct. making progress in a short time.
We then do some more comparison with Cedryl Acetate and Sandalore, Linalyl Acetate and Linalool and Terpineol and Geraniol, Cis 3 hexenyl acetate and Cis 3 hexenyl salicylate and Benzyl Acetate and Cis 3 Hexanol .

Moving onto more aroma molecules we explore the very important ISO E SUPER from IFF, LYRAL which is great to warm those white flowers, DAMASCONE ALPHA wonderful for a complex rose. CIS_JASMONE wonderfully aromatic base note,  IONONE ALPHA with its bright, fresh, very floral GC peak of violet.

Now we begin on the UNISEX BASE. Once again we are given the ingredients, but no formula, it is up to us to sort out the quantities and dilutions. Laurence checks over our work, and corrects any mistakes, guiding us through each material.

We break for lunch

We spend the afternoon in the creation of our unisex base with the  extra addition of creative materials. I am pretty happy with what I have created and my colleagues have also created some wonderful formulas. We share each of our creations around the lab table explaining what we were trying to achieve.

….next day – Trip to Gourdon, a special garden and Wood accords.

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