Day 9 – Trip to Gourdon, a special garden and Wood accords

A busy day starts with a trip to the ancient village of Gourdon.2013-06-26 21.41.23

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 We are joined on this visit by Catherine Pluyette (centre) who is developing the new Grasse Taste Institute called L’école du Goût.

We then had a tour of a wonderful garden just down the road from Gourdon, created by Chantal Roux the Director of the Source Parfumé de Galimard from PARFUMERIE GALIMARD Grasse (which has been in business since 1747). Chantal built this beautiful garden that has plants represented in perfumery. Obviously a VERY knowledgeable and kind woman who is passionate about the art of perfume and the related plants. She built this garden with only help from a few, and is very happy to share. She has also recently created a partnership with a company in Canada, Attire-Moi….. capturing the scent of maple vapour.

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Chantal shares her knowledge of the plants in her garden: Lavender, Lavandin the hybrid, Seringa, beutiful yellow Broom, Sage, Rosemary, Peppermint, Garlic, Iris and Millertuis( you can make a tincture, like arnica for the body.

Back to Grasse for Lunch

….. the afternoon is spent on the creation of a WOOD ACCORD.

and finally for the day an examination of CINNAMON OIL (Bark) warm and piquant, LIMONENE orange and fresher than fruit juice we compare with Bergamot Oil, Linalyl, Linalool and Terpenyl Acetate.
Onto some very strong molecules of INDOLE: used in overdose in Eternity, PARACRESYL ACETATE: horse smell, leathery and ISO BUTYL QUINOLEINE with itsstrong, woody, green, leather aspects used in Chanel’s Cuir de Russie.

The day ends with ALDEHYDE C12 MNA :waxy, fresh, ozonic

….next day..our last day

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