After years of working with my collection of raw aroma materials (natural and synthetic), accessing vast internet information and databases now available (not always reliable as we know) and reading many books, I was been fortunate to completed an important part of my ongoing journey; completing Summer School Level 1 (2013) and Level 2 (2016) at the Grasse Institute of Perfume (GIP) France, the heart of the perfume world.

Our syllabus during Level 1 consisted of identifying and memorizing over 125 raw perfume materials; naturals and synthetics, hands on creation of traditional perfume accords and exploring perfume creation and genealogy. I was lucky to share this experience with eight wonderful perfume colleagues from Italy, Hong Kong, India, Oslo, Japan and England.  Level 2 Syllabus is listed here.

Level 1 instruction came from an experienced teacher, Madam Laurence Fauvel, who patiently shared her years of perfumery knowledge and inspiration with us, and guided us in the art of fragrance creation. Thank you Laurence!

Level 2 instruction was with Marianne Nawrocki-Sabatier. Again, a wonderful teacher so very knowledgable and enthusiastic with so much experience.

Please contact me if you would like to talk about an experience at GIP.


If you are interested in attending the GIP school for the full year you MUST read Jessica Buchanan’s BLOG that takes you through the complete journey… and more.

Here also is an excellent blog by Clayton Ilolahia ; an Australian based perfume writer relating his experience at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery.

Here is a another Blog of our Grasse experience by one of my classmates Belle Lam. It is written in Chinese, but I use Google translator to understand the blog….(sort of).


Level 2-Grasse 2016

Level 1 – Grasse 2013

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